Welcome to Krypton, Planet of the Red Sun

This is actually Earth’s sun, which was flame red when I took this photograph at 6:55 this morning. My camera rendered it white, perhaps because its lens went into shock.

The red sun effect is the product of forest fires in northern Idaho; the nearest to us is about 40 miles away.

The 3,200-foot-high basalt hills that mark the edge of the Palouse and compose our northward viewshed are completely obscured by smoke. It all looks like San Bernardino on an exceptionally smoggy day.

I rue having to bag our plan to fish for crappie and bass on the Snake River today, but I bear the bane of those “sensitive individuals” for whom an alert was issued, suggesting we avoid inhaling our local air.

Lightning, not human carelessness, was determined to be the cause of the fires.



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7 responses to “Welcome to Krypton, Planet of the Red Sun

  1. A red sun-Pretty. Sorry about the fires but if there is an up side a human didn’t set it this time. Boy if that red showed up that would have been a picture.


  2. It’s a pity that fires are so devistating to give you such a great photo opportunity.

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  3. WOW! It makes a nice photo, but the fires are not so nice.

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    • At least we weren’t in the firefighting zone, just the smoke a few miles away. It wasn’t affecting us physically–just demoralizing to have a grey curtain of smoke instead of beautiful basalt hills!


  4. We have the same problem on the west side from the forest fires in BC. None of us here have seen this amount of smoke covering everything, including mountains and skyline, before. The air quality in our state currently the worst in the country. Oh, for a good storm wind and rain to wash it all away!

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