Meeting new people

Who’s Effie looking at?

But of course! New friends every day!



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10 responses to “Meeting new people

  1. Effie is so lucky! So many lovely things to watch and admire. Cheers,H

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  2. Heidi

    That is just such a beautiful photo of the bird on the flower. And Effie is always picturesque 😊.

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  3. Does the birdie want to be your friend Effie?

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    • He does, I think, but his wife for life wasn’t with him today. They were both here yesterday. I am sure he would want to discuss such a thing with her. I wish I could give them to understand that my Mom loves the goldfinches hanging out here, and that I have never been a harmer of birds. I like all sorts of people, as long as they like cats.


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