Things to Do When it’s 115° outside

1. Bring your cat or dog in! Now!

2. Tell your friend in San Diego that her 90s weather is the crisper, compared to your Eastern Washington prairie’s seething 115°.

3. Brave the mere heat and take an evidential photo of what you told your friend in San Diego.


4. If relevant to your circumstances, watch your cat napping and take a moment to be very thankful for central air conditioning.



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9 responses to “Things to Do When it’s 115° outside

  1. The cat has the right idea. You’re right about bringing your dog or cat in. I’ve heard if it gets to hot it can burn the paws of the animal. Remember to give your pet fluids. Lots of fluids.


  2. I used to chase Jamima around the house with a wet facewasher. I’m not saying she liked it but uttering the words”you will thank me for it later” were often heard. No aircon unfortunately. Chees,H


  3. Maybe twice a summer we hit 100 degrees, I can’t imagine 115 degrees.


  4. Oh! Today we cooled down into the seventies this side of the mountains, Yes, be thankful for A/C! 🙂

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