“Lemme in!”

Vic took this camera-begging series when Effie appeared, clinging to the window. He let her in, and less than five minutes later, she appealed to return to Effieland. He titled the series as well.

 Do I want to go in, or do I want to stay out?

I want to go in, just for a little while.

Does anybody know I’m here?

Lemme in!!! 


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11 responses to ““Lemme in!”

  1. chrisscatmeow

    Reblogged this on spike the scottish black cat. and commented:
    Elfie you have such a gorgeous face.


  2. Evil Laugh! Must I remind you to watch a sad Cat Diaries? Think it’s time I rewatched it myself. Cheers,H


    • Cheers, Helen. I’ve not heard of the Sad Cat Diaries, and I don’t think I could handle it very well. Hey, Effie has it pretty good here! I always wish she would spend more time indoors, and finally she expressed the desire! Once she was in, she ate a few bites of her food and wanted to head back out again. . .I’m at her service, no matter how many times she changes her mind. ^-.-^


  3. Heidi

    Effie’s expressions are so eloquent! This could be a picture book between vibrant sunflower covers …

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  4. Jane

    So cute! Reminds me of Murphy, who hated a door to be closed. If closed he wanted out; if I let him out and closed it again he wanted back in. (Of such cat-parents’ frustration probably came the cat door!) I wonder if anybody has invented a cat window??

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    • I’m not sure a cat window would be real marketable; a locking window controlled by the cat’s people works best. Effie is never outside if no one is home.

      Other cats and cat-size creatures–raccoons, foxes, skunks, etc.–are clever enough to get in a pet door. I think a “cat window” would be just as accommodating, and said creatures quite unwelcome.


  5. Hee hee! I was just saying that I am the doorman for my cats who wish to be let in and out at the time and place of their choosing. So far, I oblige.

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