Effie in her garden of sunflower wonders

The first sunflower to bloom was bronze. . .


followed by yellow.


Effie seems to debate the virtues of it all; or, she could be tracking a bug.


Sweet clover grows above Effieland.

Effie devours a catnip leaf from my fingers.


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8 responses to “Effie in her garden of sunflower wonders

  1. A very serious face on Effie! 🙂

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  2. So missing my fur-baby right now! And flowers! I’ll Needs go get an amazing Melbourne coffee to cheer me up!😍

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  3. Effie is a cutie. You are wise to cover the sunflowers. Ours always get eaten by the birds .

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  4. Heidi

    I love the variation in colors! And Effie, shades of grey among the bronzes and yellows …


    • I was surprised by the bronze sunflower, though I think we’ve had a couple in previous years.

      Effie is actually grey, cream, and peach, but they tend to blend in the sun in photos.
      ❤ ^-.-^


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