Return to Pony Island

Fishing can sometimes be more about a quest than about catching fish. It can even be more about being out on a river in a beautiful home-built boat, having lunch on a little island in the river, and catching no fish. I did catch a 4-inch baby trout, which was well below the Clearwater River’s legal limit of 10 inches. My husband immediately extricated the two hooks of my lure that had penetrated the young fish’s mouth, and released him to grow big and sporty.  I was just happy to see the little guy swim away.

We spent a couple of hours out on the Clearwater and Snake Rivers fishing, and stopped  to have our lunch on the little island I named Pony Island our first time there.

When we returned to the boat launch, my husband went to get the truck while I waited on the dock with our boat. I watched a man fishing from the shore next to the boat launch. He caught and released two bass, one of them quite large, within a couple of minutes. Sigh.

Old railroad bridge across the Clearwater River

We moored Pisca-Dory at Pony Island while we ate our lunch.



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  1. Sounds like a fun day.

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