Fishing at Dworshak Lake, and my first Kokanee salmon

My husband took the day off from work so we could take our dory for a fishing cruise on the beautiful lake at Dworshak Dam in northern Idaho. I caught my first Kokanee salmon and Vic caught a Kokanee and a bass. The weather was clear and a little hot, but comfortable. I could never have asked for or imagined a lovelier birthday.

The dam viewed from the access road to the boat launch

At the launch

Heading into a cove


My rod trolling in the rod holder

I wear a lab coat to prevent sunburn.

View of Dworshak Lake from Pisca-Dory

Our catch: Two Kokanees and one bass

Black Swallowtail butterflies swarm the boat ramp, drinking water.

Road construction on U.S. Highway 12 stopped traffic for 15-20 minutes on the way to Dworshak, and at least 40 minutes on the way home.


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8 responses to “Fishing at Dworshak Lake, and my first Kokanee salmon

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  2. Beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a great time. Where was this at again?


  3. Heidi

    Oh it does look just gorgeous. I can imagine how much moreso without the lens and narrowed view of a camera, when even a camera can render things so lovely. I’m so glad it couldn’t have been lovelier. Happy birthday, dear friend.


  4. Happy Birthday! 21 again? (I think that’s the year that’s come around again?)

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