Eventide in Effieland

Our first turnip of the season is small, but it will be sweet.

Effie permits Halvor a rare visit within Effieland’s bounds, where they share a hearty embrace.

Effie and Halvor have a bit of a tiff, and he departs Effieland sulkily. I pet him and invite him to come up to the chicken ark with me to check for eggs;  he is cheered but reserved.



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4 responses to “Eventide in Effieland

  1. Heidi

    Halvor’s expression in the last photo tells the whole tale.


  2. What will you do with the turnip? And it’s not good when the kids fight…..even if one is adopted.

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    • I’ll eat it. I love turnips.

      I separate them immediately. Effie provokes Halvor but he does not retaliate, and even though he is not the aggressor, I ask him to leave, which he gladly does. I fuss over him so that he and Effie know he is in no way out of favor.


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