Effie’s guided tour of Effieland

Follow me, and I will show you the features of my holdings.

A small sample of my flax. . .

A ladybug on my lupines. . .

As most of my friends know, I love grass, to chew and to hide in.

My grapes are leafing out. . .

and so are my blackberries!

And my blueberries!

I have volunteer poppies coming up, the flowers of which my humans think are dazzling.

I have no lilacs in Effieland, but my humans have some elsewhere on their part of Rabbitbrush (their name for their domain). They think lilacs smell wonderful.

These are turnips, which my female human loves, so I let her grow them here.


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8 responses to “Effie’s guided tour of Effieland

  1. Heidi

    This was better than a tour of Chatsworth or Blenheim.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Does Effie like to eat the grass then bring it inside only to throw it up on carpet? Tell me it wasn’t just Jamima!?


  3. Wow! Neat! The highlight of Washe cats day is finding a cricket in the corner of the living room 🐱


    • Effie loves catching bugs, but she chases, catches, and consumes them within the gates of Effieland. When we do have a stray bug in the house, she’s on it! ^-.-^


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