Effie and Peter

Effie was cross that so much rain was falling; she wanted to be outdoors, but that is where the rain was. I put her favorite music in our faithful old CD player. Peter Hurford’s performance of Bach’s organ preludes, fugues, toccatas, fantasias, a passacaglia, and other beautiful seventeenth-century hits soon had her transfixed.

Our first lilac bush is blooming, and my desire to photograph it through the window was thwarted; even our covered deck was under siege of wind-driven rain, and I honestly was not motivated to be out in it with my camera. The music, a mug of green tea, and Effie blissfully absorbed provided composure sufficient to the day.



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7 responses to “Effie and Peter

  1. Melbourne seems to have skipped Autumn this week and gone full-winter! TV in this house, not music. Coffee not green tea(there is just as much caffeine in that tea as coffee;just saying) and sadly no Jamima. Sounds heavenly………😳

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    • What do you mean, “no Jamima?!”
      It doesn’t matter what has how much caffeine–it’s what my doctor says and I like him to think I believe what he says. Anyway, my blood pressure is down to NORMAL! 🙂

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      • sadly Jamima went to God (crossed the rainbow bridge, apparently)about 6 weeks ago. I posted some extra posts that week. Keep those Effie pictures coming…..They help!


        • Oh! I am so sorry, Helen. . .I follow your blog but apparently I don’t get all the notifications. . .

          I think it might be helpful for you to get a new companion cat soon. Pictures are nice, but purrs and fur can be healing. ❤ ^-.-^


  2. Heidi

    What good taste she has.

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