Effie’s three favorite things to do in Effieland


Eating grass helps me keep my teeth clean, but I love it because it tastes good and chewing it feels good!


Hunting bugs successfully starts with scoping out my territory. . .

He’s in my sights!

He’s mine. . .no–he’s kind of dead. Bleah.


I always like a good dirt bath before I go back in the house!


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7 responses to “Effie’s three favorite things to do in Effieland

  1. Does Effie throw up the grass? I used to call grass Jamima’s salad. She would eat it, come back inside and throw it up on the carpet! Always carpet!


    • Effie has thrown up grass maybe twice in all her time with us, and she’s a heavy grazer. We don’t have any carpet in our house–too allergenic with a cat! Wood and tile wipe up easily, and more importantly, they don’t hold dander. ^-.-^


  2. Heidi

    It’s nice that she can go back in freshly dirty but with clean teeth. (The bug escapade made me laugh.)


    • Acute (and a cute) observation.. .it’s a lot more expensive to have her vet clean her teeth (I would not attempt such a maneuver at home) than to wipe up her adorable muddy toeprints with a damp paper towel. 🙂

      Bug safari season is open spring, summer, and fall. In fall she often hunts down flies in the house with me–and spiders! I swat them and she consumes them. She’s an ace at that.


  3. Tiger and Benji agree these are wonderful things to do! As long as it is not raining! 🙂

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