Triumphant fish story: Six came home

Saturday was another cool-to-cold evening, but we minded as little as the fish in the pond. Our “We’d rather be fishing” ethos usually prevails, regardless of  weather or fatigue. We had been to Moscow (Idaho, not Russia) earlier in the day, but that would hardly tire us too much for an hour’s fishing.

Vic landed the first fish, I landed the second, and he caught the next four. The limit is five trout per person per day. It was the first time this season that either of us caught our limit. The ospreys had their own celebrations; birds are exempt from WSFW limits.

I continued fishing until we’d been out just over an hour, but received only hook nuzzlers, no more homecomers.  That was okay. Fishing, after all, is about more than catching fish. Fishing is inspired aspiration.





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2 responses to “Triumphant fish story: Six came home

  1. Heidi

    I always love your poetic meditations on the nature of fishing. Those other fish who didn’t come home with you don’t know what they are missing …

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