Superwife and the recalcatrant dryer

Due to cold, windy weather over the past several weeks, and the blessing of recent warming, I was obliged to add three jackets to today’s laundry load, which meant two loads instead of the usual one.  The washer and dryer had only to deal with usual, normal loads.

On the first go-around, there was a problem, something unrelated to the laundry loads that was uniquely annoying–as in, “We have a problem, Houston!”

The dryer, which was by no means overloaded, nor was its load unbalanced, was squeaking in loud protest on every round. Its joyful noise even defied smacking. I decided something in the dryer’s internal life might be out of balance, and I actually lifted it from the bottom, first one side, then the other. Both brought relief from the squeak, but no one from the Legion of Super Heroes was free to come and hold it up for the next two hours.

I retrieved a butter carton from our recycling basket, cut and folded two squares, and placed one under each of the dryer’s forefeet. The squeak stopped. My husband will probably come up with a permanent solution when he gets home, like adorable little matchwood boot lifts. Meanwhile, I await my invitation to join the LSH.


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4 responses to “Superwife and the recalcatrant dryer

  1. Mmmmmm, going into Autumn here in Melbourne. Just had a whole week of good hang washing on the clothes line. I have t got a clothes dryer. Its definitely a job for the hubby.


  2. The paper/cardboard trick from whatever packaging or placard available always works wonders for leveling furniture! Not so sure I would have tried it with a dryer. Good thinking! 🙂

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    • The dryer actually has adjustable feet, but they aren’t as readily accessible–for me anyway–as the cardboard trick, even with the lifting. Besides, I forgot about the dopey feet–the noise rendered me braindead! <<>>

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