The rewarding diversion of teaching survival skills to trout

I discovered Monday evening  that I possess an uncanny aptitude for teaching rainbow trout the skill of eluding capture, and how to remain in their pond or river even if they lapse and bite on the hook of a fishing lure. I have so far successfully taught two trout, one only about eight or so inches, and one that appeared to be about 10-11 inches.

The first, the smaller of the two, seemed to have secured himself to my hook, and my rod curved in a wonderful arc as he jumped in and out of the water, arching his body, about two feet from shore. He bolted at precisely the right second, just as I raised my rod to land him on the shore. He left the lure and swam free.

The second fellow also mastered the technique superbly. He waited till he was less than a foot from the shore, then jumped up, did an elaborate mid-air twist, hit the water, and swam off. He bit my line and kept my lure.

Sometimes star pupils can  be very frustrating to their teachers.



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4 responses to “The rewarding diversion of teaching survival skills to trout

  1. Somebody has to teach them! 😉


    • I don’t feel worthy of the honor. In fact, I doubt I have any aptitude at all for patiently cheering on my escapees. But it’s all part of fishing, and fishing is a good thing, and all good things have a few frustrations from time to time.

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  2. And soon the student will be the master!


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