The new girls on the hill

Our three Rhode Island Red hens are approaching four years old, and we don’t know when they will cease to lay eggs. Chicks are hatched, and we went to Primeland, the local farm store, and bought four Rhody chicks for $1 apiece. In about five months they’ll be laying beautiful large brown eggs. At an egg per hen most days, we’ll be well supplied–with eggs and chores.


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5 responses to “The new girls on the hill

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  2. Hippy! New chokkies……….let’s hope none turned out to be roosters? O thing worse


  3. Jane

    So adorable!


    • Thank you, Jane! Unlike Effie, they have no idea they are adorable! I think probably only humans and cats perceive their own adorableness. I’ve never heard of a self-aware chicken. But we find them adorable, and that brings protection to them and eggs to us. 🙂


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