Effieland and its feudal Lady

p1020589cHalvor has a supervised visit in Effieland. Effie greets him warmly; Halvor greets her in kind.

Moments later, her mood changes. She takes a swipe at him. He hisses at her. It makes me anxious and I miss the shot. I open the gate for Halvor; he is desperately ready to leave. I assure him the tiff was entirely Effie’s fault. I promise him I will work with her on her hospitality.

p1020590“I’m just not a play-group person. . .”



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6 responses to “Effieland and its feudal Lady

  1. Effie getting a little territorial?

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  2. Tiger and Benji engage in similar behaviors. The other day Tiger was licking Benji’s head and the next minute he’s bothered, hisses at him at departs in a hurry…. just another day in the life of the cat! Who can understand their ways? 🙂

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  3. Heidi

    Ooooooooh. AAh. (Effie is looking very feudal ladyish in that bottom picture …)

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    • And she probably wonders why she doesn’t have lots of friends. . .She “Doesn’t play well with others” and “Doesn’t share toys.” But it’s a Cat thing; we probably wouldn’t understand.


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