Just another snowy day reflection. . .



p1020579Inside is good. . . .

Our predicted rain is snow. We trust science with big stuff, like gravity tolerances, and atomic fusion. . .so when the weather instruments and weather people say it’s going to rain, and instead it snows–it’s okay. Unpredictability happens. Predicting weather is a power we claim but have not actually mastered.

We shouldn’t mind or feel lied to. We should infer “a probability” of rain when rain is predicted, with all other possibilities remaining possible.

Rain was predicted for today. The temperature dutifully soared into the 40s, and now has resumed its trend at right around freezing, 32.7° F. The probability of snow is greater at the current temperature than the probability of rain. Snow is falling.

Cats and weather both incline toward probabilities that involve extremes. Effie puts up with rain, though she positively embraces snow. But she much prefers sunshine to either.

Cats are fickle, while weather is mutable. Weather cannot possibly be fickle because it lacks consciousness. Weather is a system driven by forces that have no stake in consciousness. Sometimes forces controlling weather are extreme.

Cats are driven by conscious imperatives and exert force on their environment and cohabitants. They don’t know where things originate. Everything that moves is something to play with, kill and eat, nuzzle, or engage with some other action. Everything that does not move is fair game for climbing, sleeping on, or toppling. Cats’ days are full of decisions to make.

Effie observed the sky and her landscape from a window. When snow began falling, she was ready to go out and engage with it. She frolicked in it; then she stared at a bird and clicked her teeth at it. What a wonderful day Effie is having!


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4 responses to “Just another snowy day reflection. . .

  1. Heidi

    Somehow Effie clicking her teeth at a bird makes me so happy (as it apparently makes Effie herself …)


  2. Cats and snow are a winning combination. Cats and sunshine are even better and we wait expectantly for that. As far as weather predictions go.. well, around here it might be best to look out the window and see for yourself. 🙂

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