Pisca-Dory’s Maiden Launch

Yes! We launched Pisca-Dory on the Snake River this afternoon, fully enjoying two and a half hours of fishing, even though we did not see a single fish. And this was really okay, because the day’s objective was the maiden launch of the dory my husband Vic built over a period of 230 hours, between December 2, 2015 and mid-January 2017.

Vic’s original projected completion time was December 16, 2016, but a prolonged bout of freezing weather interrupted his progress. Pisca is now beautiful, licensed and titled, and water-worthy. Her maiden launch enabled us to take notes for minor modifications and further outfitting details. For instance, I requested a hanging hook for my backpack and jacket. Pisca-Dory is a fishing boat, not a fancy boat; we want her space used efficiently and comfortably.

p1020555rHere she is, ready for transport to the Snake River for her maiden launch.

p1020557rShe arrives at Swallow’s Nest Boat Launch. . .

p1020560rPisca-Dory’s quiet motor takes us at 12 mph at half throttle.Β This is her motor’s break-in speed.

p1020561rVic fishes from Pisca Dory’s gunwale.

p1020562rSmall ice floes still linger by the launch ramp.


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6 responses to “Pisca-Dory’s Maiden Launch

  1. Does he have a new project t?


  2. Beautiful boat! And I love the colors. I showed the picture to my husband and he was impressed!


    • Thank you. Your husband is rightly impressed–there’s a lot of physics in a good boat, like engine capacity calculations, etc. We chose the colors because they remind us of the colorful fishing boats we saw in Sicily!

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  3. Heidi

    Hooray! — this makes me so happy for human ingenuity and the beauty of ice floes. I hope you both have many restful hours in Pisca-Dory.


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