Above freezing!

Yes! The temperature is 32.4°F. It only feels like 29.6 with the 3.1 mph wind. The snow is wet and packy, and no longer slick. I deposited our recycling without an ice walk around the bins. It’s absolutely lovely.

I’ve had a pint of strong coffee, and a quart of tea, moderate strength. They help moderate my fatigue and stiffness, even if I probably pay a couple of hours of sleep for the pleasure. Nice cups are important, too.

Effie has her own protocols for drinking her water. She hardly ever drinks from a normal bowl next to her food in the house, but she’ll drink from a bowl outdoors, and she will drink indoors from a faucet. I’ll run the kitchen or bathroom faucet at trickle strength for her till she’s had her fill. I have to stay until she finishes so I can dry the sink. We have hard water, which is ruinous to the glass bathroom sink and the stainless steel sink in the kitchen, making it imperative to dry the drops immediately.

Calciferous deposits are of no concern to Effie at all. That leaves two of us with a perplexing concern for such a silly thing, but we are both humans, and we are welcome to dry the sink if the scaly calcium spots offend our sense of order so much.

p1020537“It seems best to me not to drink alone.”

Effie does some things wisely.



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2 responses to “Above freezing!

  1. pilch92

    Water is most important, Effie is smart.


    • Thank you, Pilch. She is smart, but the truth is that water is the only thing we give her to drink. The only other beverages we have are coffee and tea, and we think she’s sufficiently active without them. 🙂


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