Maiden launch deferred by cold

Cat EuphemiaFamily, friends, and readers interested in the maiden launch of Pisca-Dory, the fishing dory my husband built–you haven’t missed it. Since her completion almost two weeks ago, we have had kind of a winter, with temperatures of 0.1°F to highs in the teens and low 20s. When Vic checked a nearby launch ramp a few days ago, the ramp was icy and the river beside the ramp was actually frozen.

Right now, in the early afternoon, the wind chill factor graces the land around our house with a felt temperature of 13.8°F. Some humans find this rather unpleasantly chilly, and I am of that cohort, although I could certainly muster the bravado to go fishing. But a slick ramp and a frozen river cinch the no-deal.

Soon, Pisca-Dory, soon, and the air will warm, and the river will thaw, and you will take us motoring gently up and down the Snake River, fishing. . . .

p1020536Cats are non-hibernating mammals; but for some fortunate ones, winter is a mere technicality.


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2 responses to “Maiden launch deferred by cold

  1. Jane

    Great shot! It looks like she’s saying, “And I second that!”


    • Yes, that’s likely exactly what she meant!

      I was just emailing you when your comment came through. . .maybe Effie sensed that and decided to hail Murphy at the same time! ^-.-^


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