Return to Effieland

p1020510Effie returns to full active duty, sprinting nearly airborne several times around the perimeter of her newly repaired Effieland.


Effie and Gunther engage in the feline “looking away” dynamic. I sense that only Gunther appears frustrated.

Up from her nap, Effie returned to her newly secured dominion. The heavy snow’s damage is history. The wire overhead will enable snow to fall through its squares instead of causing it to sag and detach.

Gunther has been pacing outside the gate, ostensibly hoping either to befriend the entitled possessor of such enviable holdings, or to challenge her authority to exclude him. I suspect he has very little hope of the first, and none whatever of the second.

Effie is very proprietorial.  She is also very loyal. She is receptive to Halvor’s amity toward her. Gunther has challenged Halvor, and Halvor has several times run him off.

Effie shows no favor toward Gunther.  Neither do I, because he is sulky. And, Gunther possibly does not know this about my husband and me, but we control the gate.


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4 responses to “Return to Effieland

  1. Awwwww, maybe Gunther just looking for someone to love him? Ok, and feed him, and hug him….


    • I know, and I feel guilty, but he doesn’t like Halvor, and I’m pretty sure he has a home but acts like a neighborhood tramp. We’re such pushovers; I’ve no doubt we’ll warm up to him. Then we’ll wind up feeding him a fair distance from Halvor. Halvor is just so sweet and grateful for everything we give him–food, shelter with his own blanket in Vic’s shop, and companionship. Halvor likes Effie; Gunther doesn’t appear to–but then she isn’t friendly to him either. Halvor loves to watch Vic work in his shop; he’s just so companionable!


  2. pilch92

    Effie is very spry 🙂

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