Effie, Baroness of Barrenness

Another day, another snowstorm, complete with another heavy wet snow atop Effieland, again leaving Effie’s romping ground without overhead security from raptors. The weighty snow sank the overhead birdnetting, detaching it from the posts and frame to which it had been secured. We have decided it’s time to replace the plastic birdnetting with metal wire. For nothing she has done, Effie is grounded indoors for now until my husband can resecure the top of Effie’s pleasant playground.

p1020499“Things are not looking good for a day of romping and sporting in my own dominion. . .”


p1020501“Sigh and alas, maybe tomorrow. . .”

I’ve put a new calming collar on her. . . .



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2 responses to “Effie, Baroness of Barrenness

  1. I often go to let Jamima out into the backyard during the colder months because she obviously wants ‘Out!’ And when she feels the sting on her nose of cool breeze(no snow in Melbourne thankfully) and I gently coax her that she will not like it outside ….and then she rethinks her plan and stays inside….wise cat! What can we say? They want what they want!

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