Snow casualty in Effieland

I woke to a terrifying crash in our back yard–in Effieland–at slightly past 2:00 this morning. I reached for Effie–she was still on our bed, and alert. Of course she was not outside in a crash; she is never out at night.

My husband would have slept through the crash, but for my gently urgent “Didn’t you hear that?!” query. We looked out the window; it was dark, but there was sufficient light from porch lights on the hill above us, and residual light from the night sky.

Large, wet snowflakes fell steadily. We could see the net ceiling hanging down, covered with a heavy accumulation of snow. My husband pulled on outdoor gear and went out to investigate the damage.

He found a lot of snow still clinging to the sagging netting. More net had been pulled to the ground and buried in snow.

The net ceiling secures Effie from raptors, as well as from climbing predators, such as coyotes, foxes, cougars, dogs, and mean-spirited cats who might envy Effie’s provision.

I got up and made my tea for the day (usually it’s coffee, but today was somehow on track for tea) and poured it in my quart thermos. Effie was pouty she couldn’t be outdoors, but she ate some fresh food and hung out with me until we all returned to bed.

At the reasonable hour of 5:50 a.m., we were up and immersed in our routines. After breakfast, it took my husband about an hour and a half to get all the fallen snow off the netting and all the fallen netting back up.

All is well in Effieland. I am thankful for our dynamic seasons and for my husband’s resourcefulness. And I pray for sufficient provision and peaceful lives for the rest of the world.







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6 responses to “Snow casualty in Effieland

  1. Snow! At Christmas! Or just at home…….seems so foreign. Weird. I know. But it’s just where you are, not where I am. I’m in North-East Victoria, Australia. It’s summer. And warm… snow here. Lucky to have some thunder, lightening and rain last night. Merry Christmas. Cheers,H


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