Effie’s Christmas rug

“My grandma–she’s my dad’s mom, and boy, is she super!–knitted me a rug of my very own for Christmas! Just for me! She calls me ‘Wondercat!’ My mom took some pictures of me and my new rug. As you can see, I am training it to be a Wonderrug.”

p1020468I can move my rug anywhere I want, using just my head!

p1020469Rug wrestling is my new favorite sport!

p1020471I can be very possessive about things people who love me make for me. Warm things make me especially happy.



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10 responses to “Effie’s Christmas rug

  1. Heidi

    I will now proceed to try to move the rugs in the kitchen around with only my head … I’ve never thought of trying to do that before. Effie enlarges our understandings. ❤

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  2. Beautiful gift for a beautiful girl!

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