More things of November, for which some were and some were not wished

The morning of Thursday, November 17, our deck glistened with our first frost of 2016. We have not been hard-frosted since.

If the super-moon hovered over the Eastern Washington prairie, either we missed it or it wasn’t dramatically huge and stunning.

I will not bore my readers with my mopey election malaise.

My five-year-old granddaughter now shops online for what she wants for Christmas. I sent a gift card so she could (with a little help from her Mom) buy some figure skates and a skate tote.

I made a request and my doctor’s office granted it. I may phone my doctor’s office to confirm my appointment, instead of completing a lengthy electronic form requiring a phone call to a robot midway through it to secure a code that authorizes completion of my multi-page promises: (a) that I am me; and (b) that I will show up for my appointment.

Assuredly, complexity and quality of life have become inversely proportional.

Effie is on track with her priorities, none of which require Senate ratification.


Thanks be to God for the wonderful and amazing gift that some things in life are still simple.

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