November remains mild

Greetings from Effieland. . .


My husband had a holiday today, and we spent the morning and early afternoon fishing from our skiff on the Snake River. The river wasn’t crowded, and no jet boats whipped up obnoxious wakes and noise; it was altogether pleasant. I was cheered to see a couple of fellows catch a Steelhead and net the big guy into their boat. Once again, we caught no fish; nevertheless we thoroughly enjoyed our river outing.


The temperatures continue to span fallish 50s to summery 80s. We have Gaillardias in bloom.



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2 responses to “November remains mild

  1. Heidi

    Effie is looking so stunningly pretty!


    • Effie and I thank her dear Aunt Heidi for such a kind observation! I wrote this post outside, in Effieland with her. Halvor continues to look on longingly. . . . ❀


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