Effie’s organ lesson

Effie has always treated my husband’s organ as a jungle gym, but she has lately shown some inclination to play it the way her dad does. She began by creating a new harmony, adapting a chorale of César Franck to a duet. She needs practice, but shows motivation and even perhaps aptitude–but that’s her stage mom’s observation.

p1020340Effie observes her dad’s motions with his hands. . .

p1020339She helps by turning a page with her nose. . .

p1020341Her turn to try the keys–her long-awaited lesson commences!

p1020338She returns to observing Dad’s hand moves. . .

p1020337from every angle.

p1020336Effie Organmeister!


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8 responses to “Effie’s organ lesson

  1. Wonderful! I too like the cat/piano combination ( I love Nora the piano playing cat!) I am a new piano player and would love it if Tiger or Benji would join me in a duet!

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    • The organ is more complex–two rows of keys, buttons and levers, etc. Vic restored an antique organ and converted it to electronics–it’s awesome, but Effie is pretty undauntable.

      Maybe Benji will become your accompanist and upstage Tiger, once and for all!


  2. Hey if Effie is ever going to give organ lessons, I’m the first sign to sign up!

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  3. Heidi

    Effie needs to be the cat organist in a childrens story …

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