5:55 A.M. and all is well in Effieland

We were up, and ten days post-op, Effie’s toes touched down on the soil and grasses of her beloved Effieland.

A pounding thunderstorm came through last night, and I was anxious it might postpone Effie’s long-awaited re-entry, but the early morning was calm and quiet.

Bugs were flying about, and Effie after them. Birds had entered through the netting, but Effie chased them out. She munched grass with ecstasy.

I used a flash for the 5:55 photo, as it was still very dark outside. The other photos I took around 8:00, when the sun was always at odds with Effie and the foliage. Hence the photos are more commemorative than picture perfect.

p10202795:55 A.M.: Having just bounded into the gated garden known as Effieland, Effie immediately commences a survey of her vast holdings.

p1020280She finds the grasses as delicious as always.



She has places to go, subjects to check on.

p1020285Tabby Effielander has landed.



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10 responses to “5:55 A.M. and all is well in Effieland

  1. Parole! Never felt so good!


  2. Sweet verse! I don’t remember hearing it before.. I’m not surprised knowing that God’s heart is so good!

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  3. Good news that Effie has been restored to Effieland and all is well! 🙂


  4. Heidi

    🙂 What happiness. I’m so glad all is well again in Effieland.

    Liked by 1 person

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