Effie, as she recovers

p1020243Effie likes being on top of things. . .

p1020244She expects her self-determination to establish what she may and may not do. . .

p1020245And life goes contentedly on.


Effie sat by the window, then by the door, miffed that hints that she wanted to go outside were ignored. It was hard on me, too; but Effieland has dirt in which she delights to roll, and dirt severely compromises healing of surgical incisions. Nine more days, Luvmuffin. . .

Her yowling behavior has subsided almost completely. She slept on our bed last night.

This morning, after her requests to go out were ignored, quick and agile as ever, she leaped onto the counter and then to the cabinet above it before we could stop her. Our aftercare orders included no jumping or running.  I checked her incision when she came down from her nap more than two hours later: thankfully, all is intact. I believe Effie apprehends her limits better than most people.



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4 responses to “Effie, as she recovers

  1. When Effie is paroled to the garden she will better be able to cope with the freedom.

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  2. No running or jumping? Wondering how one manages to stop such typical cat behavior! 🤔 glad she knows her limits.

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    • Running and jumping make the cat stretch out her tummy with weight from her legs, which could distend or snap her stitches–I mean, I guess that’s the theory. But surgical stitches are strong, and Effie is about 10 pounds, and she has good body sense for what works for her. Anyway, she’s fine and has been napping in her chair all afternoon, and her stitches are all intact, and she was very sweet tempered today–no wailing to get her way. 🙂 ^..^

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