Welcome home, Effie!

Really, she took it all so much better than I expected. Her only plaintive mews were on the way home in the car, and then just a few. Once we were home, she sat on a window sill looking out at Effieland without a peep, instead of issuing the yowling demands I expected to persist a few days.

She ate some food, she used her box. Her urinary volume is back to normal. She had been frequent with small volume; now, with her volume back to normal, she should be less frequent. She has been very sweet, undemanding, and, understandably, is now napping. Our only follow-up instructions are giving her pain medication by oral syringe each evening as needed, and the hard part, keeping her indoors for 10 days.

Our vet told me last night after operating that he had rounded up a considerable amount of residual ovarian tissue. It’s terrible that shelter vets are so overworked that they leave cats with this problem and turn them over for adoption as spayed. Cats with ovarian remnant syndrome are not at risk of pregnancy, but being in heat certainly is bad enough. I have no doubt it could be a factor in some failed adoptions.

I am just so happy to have Effie home, relaxed, and so far, uncomplaining, even about being unable to nap under her grapevine in Effieland.




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8 responses to “Welcome home, Effie!

  1. Jane

    Murphy is so glad Cousin Effie is home safe and well again! He sends her an eye squeeze.

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  2. This is the news I’m so happy to hear. 🐱😍


  3. Heidi

    Hooray that all went well ❤

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  4. I’m so happy the surgery went well and Effie is home and at rest… 🙂

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    • Thanks, Sue.

      Now she’s up and ready to go out–she won’t get her way of course, but she has a way of settling disputes that tends to result in a Pyrrhic victory for her opposition.


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