Fishing the mighty Snake north of Heller Bar

This past Saturday, having decided to fish from shore because of the wind, we took to Snake River beaches north of Heller Bar, where the Snake and the Grande Ronde have their confluence. Some beaches were rocky, some were sandy; they had varying ease of access, and all were incredibly beautiful. I caught several smallmouth bass; my husband caught some bass and a Northern pikeminnow, which he pronounced quite delicious after canning it. It was the first pikeminnow either of us has caught, as well as being very pretty.

My husband took all the photos this time; I wouldn’t put my rod down long enough.


My husband caught this 14-1/2-inch Northern pikeminnow. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife pays a nominal bounty on these fish because they eat salmon eggs, and thrive better with the dams than do the salmon, so they are regarded as a threat to the salmon population.  We forewent the bounty in favor of keeping and eating the fellow. I think the pikeminnow is an elegant fish, with his golden scales and red-tipped tail and fins.


No dearth of seaweed here, and it’s a cinch to catch (as well as a nuisance)!


According to Dan Landeen, the basalt formations of Hell’s Canyon were formed 1-2 million years ago.


Fishing from the shoals means frequent encounters between lures and rocks. . .




The sandy beach seemed a wonder of the world after negotiating so many rocks.



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