Halvor to Effie: Are we friends yet?

They’ve watched one another, separated always by Effie’s sanctuary gate, for more than a year. Effie defends her turf, seeming to enjoy excluding ever-hopeful Halvor. They have touched noses a few times when I’ve taken Effie out and Halvor was waiting politely at the door for a glimpse; but then she trots into her domain and I close the gate, and Halvor sits on the other side of the gate, watching her from the patio. Sometimes she determines that he’s just a little too close.


p1020236Ah, you again. . .

p1020235Just an itch–no fleas, I promise!

p1020234Humph. You’re not exactly one to show up already groomed, are you?

p1020237 Until the proper time, I will defend the bounds of MY garden!

Effie is proprietorial about bug-hunting rights in Effieland. . . .



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2 responses to “Halvor to Effie: Are we friends yet?

  1. Love it! I wish Jamima had a Jamima-Land. She has the concrete jungle that is our very small backyard. Apparently not completely neighbourhood cat-free, but better than nothing.


    • Helen, would Jamima be willing to walk in a public garden or park with a halter and leash? You might give it a try. I took Effie all over our place before Effieland was secure.


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