Effie watching me read, and other highlights of summer


Effie has the shade. She is under a grapevine; I am not, because of the bees, a multitude of which flits purposefully among the leaves and stems. My husband juiced the last of the grapes the bees had not sampled. The remaining fruit continues to draw grape-sampling, drinking, consuming bees. Effie is not a threat to their supply, and she is not disturbed by the bees.

The temperature was a brisk mid-80s this morning, and I sat for a little while in Effieland, reading A River Runs Through It. I’d have stayed longer, but the bees were daunting and I went indoors.

By 11 AM it was 108°, and even Effie came indoors. She napped through the heat of the day, dividing her time between the bed and her hammock.

A very important forthcoming summer highlight is my granddaughter’s fifth birthday. I decided to start a charm bracelet for her, and my daughter thought it was a great idea; it will be an ongoing thing. I will keep up with my granddaughter’s interests and commemorate them with charms. I will use lobster claw clasps, as I do with my own charm bracelet, to make the charms easily interchangeable on the bracelet, creating some huge factorial number of possible groupings as her collection grows. The project will motivate me to keep up with my granddaughter’s interests as she grows–and motivate her and her Mom to keep me up on them. This is a boon, because she and her parents live in Alaska. My hope is that my granddaughter and I will have something in common that we both treasure.

And, though we have heat, and sluggish fish, and noisy, exuberant jet boaters, yet we do take pleasure in fishing!


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