a new line of fishing

My husband surprised me last night with a fly fishing rod. He presented the slender 7 ft. lightweight fiberglass rod to me with his vote of confidence. His confidence in my potential as a fly fisherman was not a surprise. (If I can get the new moves down, it will pleasantly surprise me.) He had some extra fly reels and popped one on my new rod for me.

The new rod and reel were strange to me after using my spin rod and reel, but as my husband described the reasons for the differences, I became more accepting, though I knew I was not a natural at this. I feel like I have a fair knack for casting my spin rod, but my fly rod will require lots of driveway practice. Just holding the line in my hand felt very strange as we undertook my first lesson Wednesday evening in our driveway.

I figure that as long as we live in an area considered to have some of the best fly fishing on the planet, and since I love fishing, I am motivated to challenge myself beyond what comes fairly naturally. It’s good to be competent with both spinner and fly. And I have a desire to learn first hand, to apprehend the beauty and mystique of fly fishing the people featured in Dan Landeen’s book are so exuberantly talking about.

We’ll see how it goes.



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