Ongoing harvests

My husband and I picked six more pounds of Swenson red and Flame grapes this afternoon. We now have 10.9 pounds of grapes picked, stemmed, and bagged in small zip-lock bags in the freezer. Grapes freeze very well, and are delicious to eat either thawed or frozen.

Yesterday we fished from our skiff on the Snake River, near the mouth of Hell’s Canyon upriver from Asotin. We caught five very nice Smallmouth bass in about an hour and a half.

The Canyon’s basalt cliff scenery is always spectacular. We both packed our cameras, and in the excitement of the scenery, catching our bass, and the fast boats whooshing by us (they terrify me), somehow it never entered either of our minds to take any photos. This is a first.

But we have our fish. My husband cans what we catch, and we have a good supply of bass and trout on hand for him to eat. (I’m fish-allergic but I love fishing.)

The other harvest yesterday was the arrival of a book I ordered, after seeing it in my dentist’s waiting room and immediately coveting it: Steelhead Fly Fishing Nez Perce Country Snake River Tributaries, by Dan Landeen. My husband enjoys fishing with flies and with spinner lures; I have so far used only spinners. Since starting to read Mr. Landeen’s book, I’m beginning to feel the nudge of inspiration to try fishing with flies, and to understand firsthand what all the fly-fisher mystique is about.

Here are a couple of photos from previous trips to essentially the same location where we fished yesterday.


Snake at Asotin Slough



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2 responses to “Ongoing harvests

  1. Re: flyfishing – Norman Maclean’s “A River Runs Through It” is essential reading. A revelation, one of the best American books ever written (imho).


    • I saw the movie version in 1992, when I lived in Missoula, but I wasn’t fishing then. I remember enjoying the film, but nothing else about it. Thank you for your well-timed reminder, Lisa! Now I’m going to read the book!


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