Effie’s tongue doesn’t always tell the whole story

Effie blackberriesIn this photo taken by my husband for instance, Effie actually is cleaning her nose with her tongue, not smacking her lips, which I doubt have ever been a portal for blackberries.




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7 responses to “Effie’s tongue doesn’t always tell the whole story

  1. My dog used to eat blackberries…my cats just eat their food or bugs. Which does Effie prefer, dry kibbles or wet food?


    • She likes both. I give her grain-free wet to offset the carbs in the kibbles. She’s not into berries or fruit. 🙂

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      • Ha ha, no! Although Charlie tried an ice lolly when she was little…has Effie tried the kibbles for neutered cats? You have to be careful here as what they cut in calories they add in flavourings like caramel…


        • She’s a Purina Naturals girl all the way, mom and vet approved!

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        • So are my four! Salmon is the flavour of choice at the moment…


        • What’s available here is “Chicken & Salmon”. 🙂

          It’s important to me to give her tinned food (grain free) and dry (separate bowls of course). Our late Coolidge wouldn’t eat wet food at all, so we gave him all the best hi-tech natural healthy kibbles. He was a sedentary indoor cat and he became diabetic when he was eight. Because of the insulin regimen I undertook with him for nine years–and it’s expensive!–the diabetes didn’t shorten his life (he lived to be 17), but it significantly diminished its quality.

          Effie has a more petite build, and gets lots of exercise prancing and leaping around Effieland, so I figure she’s at low risk–but I’m still spooked about a kibbles-only diet.

          My unrequested advice is to introduce a wet-dry diet if any cat begins packing on weight. If they suddenly start drinking way more water than usual, bolt for the vet!

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        • My girls managed on a kibble only diet until Charlie had to have some steroid tablets when she got a skin infection through overgrooming. The only way she’d take the tablets was crushed up in wet food, so of course the others wanted wet food too…dry only is better for teeth and they do drink more obviously, but a little portion at breakfast is all they have. My beloved Walter-he was 16- developed kidney trouble so I used to cook his food. Thank you for the advice (no I mean that! I sounded sarcastic when I read it back!) as I ‘d forgotten about the weight issues…I watch over my four very carefully!

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