Rainy day aspirations


Rain is falling, and Effie temporarily cedes her dominion turf in favor of the indoors.  She promptly licks every granule of Effieland mud from her tummy, haunches, and toes, before settling into her hammock for a nap. After an hour or so, the sun regains control, and Effie will doubtless sense this and demand to return to her patrol. The bugs and birds of Effieland must be stalked; the grasses must be eaten.

Effie does not wonder, as I do, whether the July rains will affect the wheat harvest. Rain in July is unusual; so are temperatures below 60°. We are having an unusual July. I saw a brief outtake from an an article that mentioned that timing, rather than volume of summer rain, affects wheat harvest, but that most Palouse wheat was already harvested before the rains came. Nevertheless, it is considered a bad year.

I aspire to become a better wheat jock. Effie’s aspirations are more attainable: things like catching grasshoppers in mid-air, and napping profoundly.




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3 responses to “Rainy day aspirations

  1. The land looks beautiful, and I love the way Effie is sleeping, it tickles me when they do the whole clutching back feet to the face pose!


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