Attentiveness, and other assets revealed in the garden


Let not pseudo behavioral animal scientists persuade us that cats all have ADD.  Cats are discerning enough to focus their full attention on something important, like spatial line-ups before making a significant leap. Here Effie focuses her attention acutely on something different but equally compelling: a bug in the brush that she desires to extricate from the brush and reassign to her mouth.


P1020103And, while watching Effie watch things, I noticed four fairly colossal, newly ripened blackberries.

My attentiveness (a very transitory commodity) rewarded me further, with my second sighting of a female Black-chinned hummingbird in Effieland. As before, she slipped through the overhead bird netting with remarkably swift grace, like a phantom.



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10 responses to “Attentiveness, and other assets revealed in the garden

  1. Beautiful profile pic of Effie! Love the blackberries too, they make good jam.


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