Things to See and Do in Effieland

P1020080See the Effielander happily taking a dirt bath in the shade of a grapevine. . .

P1020081 See her roll to her other side and take another dirt bath!

P1020082If you come to Effieland in July, you will likely see sunflowers!

P1020083The napping Effielander is a frequent sighting. . .

P1020084as is the waking Effielander. . .

P1020091and the bathing Effielander.

P1020087To the one true Effielander, it is never possible to keep one’s paws clean enough. Bother the little cheatgrass arrows all over her fur–she has people with combs to take care of that!



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9 responses to “Things to See and Do in Effieland

  1. Effieland is a wonderful land! 😉 and she looks lovely and content in it!


  2. Efficient always looks so happy. Nice back scratch achieved rolling around on the ground.


  3. Lovely photos, enjoyed the virtual tour of Effieland thanks!


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