Our Fourth: More fishing, more fish

We returned to the Snake River near Wawawai today with our skiff Companion Star for some more bass fishing. The wind’s strong bluster generated whitecaps on the river, as well as repeated attempts to undermine my possessory interest in my hat, or else blow its chin strap back with sufficient force to strangle me. It was nonetheless a beautiful time all in all, and I caught more bass, 10 and 11 inches. My husband is canning them as I write. He took the first two photos as we headed out from the launch; I took the rest.

IMGP1916The launch

IMGP1919The shoals

P1020070The Captain

P1020071The First Mate, or at least her Wellie

P1020067Back home to sunflowers, blowing in the wind

P1020075Guess who was happy to see us. . .!



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12 responses to “Our Fourth: More fishing, more fish

  1. Happy Independance Day, glad you enjoyed fishing! Sunflowers look lovely, as of course, does Effie!


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