l’m fishing!

cs launch (4)I have enjoyed going fishing with my husband to the point where I decided it was time for me to take up a rod and start actually fishing with him. I hadn’t fished since I was a child, catching Blue Gill Sunfish with a little blue plastic rod.

Yesterday evening I confessed my aspiration, and my husband gave me one of his lighter rods to try out and I practiced casting in our driveway. I seemed to have a pretty fair proclivity for it really; I might actually even be considered a natural, especially if I were casting for roof shingles.

This morning we made our decisive appearance at Schurman’s Hardware, and I quickly decided on a rod that felt perfect in my hands, and also purchased a reel and a license. I liked the rod’s light weight and comfortably long grip. My husband had plenty of line and lures.

We headed for an area along the Snake River near Wawawai State Park, and it wasn’t too crowded. In tow was Companion Star, a skiff my husband built, for her maiden re-launch with her new bottom and new paint in beautiful new colors. We planned to do some fishing from shore and some trolling from the boat.

My first day of fishing in my several decades of adult life, I caught three bass, all 9-10 inches. I caught them all from shore, and all with the same lure, a gold-and-silver Thomas Colorado. My husband caught one bass, but he had caught three yesterday (Friday) in Asotin–during a 40-minute court recess!
He has a small freezer in his office.



first fish 2 (3)


lagoon (2)



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11 responses to “l’m fishing!

  1. Heidi

    Effie would be so proud of you! So would Simon Peter and Andrew, James and his brother John.


    • Heidi

      (Though I suppose Effie *is* proud of you, as she has surely ascertained consciousness of this event.)


      • Of that I can’t be sure. She never actually sees or smells the fish–Vic takes them into his shop where his pressure canner and propane stove are and does the canning out there. He brings in a jar at a time and eats it, and there’s no fish smell because it was canned so fresh. Effie doesn’t pay much attention. She actually doesn’t like fish kitty food–just chicken.


    • Goodness, what a very lovely thought; thank you! Though I wasn’t exactly pulling them in by nets full. . . . 🙂 ❤


  2. I’m just watching “Deadliest Catch” actually, very appropriate! Although also cold and probably a bit more dangerous than the river..


    • Well, I know nothing of it, but I’ve never heard of a fisherman succumbing to death by bass-especially if it was properly cooked. 🙂 My husband is the one who eats fish; I can’t at all. He pressure cooks and cans it all immediately once we’re home.

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  3. You look THE business! I’m very impressed by your catch and ability, glad you enjoyed it!


  4. The Smiling Pilgrim

    nothing like getting out on the boat and enjoying the ocean or lakes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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