And here’s the beautiful promise fulfilled

P1020061I’ve been at my Tuesday task of wiping down all interior windows (they tend to attract the most adorable feline noses and toes). From one of the windows I saw that our sunflower had bloomed and ran outside to take its photo while the bloom was in full sunlight. I aspire to finish the windows and upholstery cleaning before the temperature hits 104°–yesterday’s high in Effieland. . . .

God’s mercies are new every morning, and the beauty of His Creation is one of those!



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4 responses to “And here’s the beautiful promise fulfilled

  1. It’s wonderful! How tall is it? ( My older son grew one for a school project and it reached about 8 foot!)


    • Good morning, Samantha! It’s up to my forehead, I’m in boots, so it’s about five and a half feet. We don’t get a lot of rain, but the drippers have been on most days. There are lots of buds showing petals now, too!

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      • Morning!(It’s 5.20 pm here) They’ll be a sight to behold when they’re all out-I love the yellow ones, aptly named “sunflowers” indeed!


        • We’re normally 7 hrs apart, but evidently you Brits are wise enough to avoid Daylight Savings Time. It’s become such a fetish in the US that it now persists for 8 months! Arguably, two thirds of the year should be presumed Standard. But then I would have to think that DST was ever a rational concept in the first place, and that seasons required correcting. . . .

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