Gaillardias after the rain

The name of this festive wildflower is close to “Galliard,” the name of a brisk Renaissance dance. My husband planted these two years ago. They’re windworthy of the prairie, as well as a joy for the eyes.






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25 responses to “Gaillardias after the rain

  1. Ha ha ha! Actually sounds like the typical breakfast of someone I know after a night out with the girls!


  2. I worked in a coffee shop once, and it always smelled really nice, but the taste…burnt toast…


    • Please don’t blog-flog me for saying so, but that was honestly my impression of British coffee. . .

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      • Not being a coffee drinker at all I am both unoffended and unsurprised by your opinion of British coffee…my older son went through a phase of drinking coffee with guarana…after pulling him off the ceiling three or four times, I threw it away!


        • I wonder if the guarana enhancement was to thwart the taste. . .

          But I recall that burnt toast is part of the universal poison antidote triad–the other two parts are milk of magnesia and strong coffee!


  3. They’re pretty, little sunbursts!


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