June hailfall

P1020027Hailstones on the deck melt as quickly as they multiply.

P1020030Tall wheatgrass bows in the hail. . .

P1020029but Effie neither bows nor gives any opinion whatever.


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6 responses to “June hailfall

  1. We’ve had some marble sized ones that thunked quite hard off the conservatory roof and shredded a few plants. I was seriously worried about the fish in the pond till I realised they’d probably just swim to the bottom and stay there…


  2. We have had some monster hailstones though, which sends them all rushing for cover, then they look at me “Make it stop then!” Effie definitely has a Siamesey look to her face from that angle-beautiful too of course!


    • We’ve only had bitty hail since moving here in 2010. But huge hailstones would probably draw Effie’s ears toward the back of her mortified lovely face in a rapid heartbeat. . . .Mine, too.

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  3. My cats found hail horrifying-they took it as some sort of personal attack!


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