Evening on the river

With my husband recovering from the usual oversize caseload, long docket, and cataract surgery more grueling than the first was, I thought it would be pleasant for him to fish for Crappie in the Snake River, only a ten-minute drive. He readily agreed, and we were soon there. No bites, but no matter–we were there, and except for the ski-doo and jet boat subscribers to the “I make obnoxious noise, therefore I am” ethos, it was a serene time.

P1010993 A nesting osprey inspected us initially, then returned to her brooding.







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5 responses to “Evening on the river

  1. I think I saw a similar piece actually when I was checking it out…scary…there’s plenty of cover for the cats to dart into, but they’re so swift. It’s a good idea to have a netted enclosure- we have the timber etc for ours, but our stray problem seems to have resolved itself. I still want it making though, as they’re useful to have for piece of mind.


  2. Yes, I’m always slightly worried in case the kestrel takes a fancy to a snack of cat but I think my four are possibly too large.


    • Kestrels are small as hawks go, but l’d be careful. Larger hawks have carried off 10-lb cats, according to a piece I saw on a credible-seeming site when I Googled the subject recently. l hope we complete the birdnetting over Effieland soon–it does make me nervous.

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  3. Lovely pictures, the osprey looks amazing! We have a little kestrel that flies across our garden, very pretty but quite fierce looking..


    • We have kestrels flying over our field and perching on fenceposts; they are beautiful. I think Effie would take one on, but we do everything possible to foreclose the opportunity!

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