And then the rains came. . .

Effie was in the garden this morning when the temperature was in the brisk 90s, but we had to bring her in when it was time to leave for my husband’s cataract surgery appointment. When we arrived home a couple of hours later, it was in the 70s and raining hard, and Effie was napping in the bedroom on her window hammock.

Eventually she wanted to go out, rain, wind, 70s, and all, and I let her out and into the garden. Wiping muddy paws wasn’t such a daunting prospect. I was impressed at how little she minded the driving rain, but I urged her back in when the thunder started. She honestly didn’t seem to mind the thunder a bit.  I thought indoor games would be a better idea; and anyway, it was getting dark.

I shook her squeaking mouse-on-a-stick over her head for a while, and she batted at it grudgingly. Finally, she began jumping in the air to swipe at it. I suspect she missed chasing and catching bugs in the garden, but bugs weren’t flying in the rain, though she had no reason to know this. She has always been out in fair weather, when bugs do fly.

She finally took a brief interest in her mouse toy, but I regretted not letting her stay outside longer. After all, if there were no bugs in the rain, she could always aspire to make them happen anyway.


P1010989Oh big deal. . .

P1010990Effie ultimately aspires to grasp the mouse I am bobbing over her head, while I aspire to get her leap and the mouse in the picture with my other hand–clearly a belayed aspiration.

(The title of this post comes from Another Roadside Attraction by Tom Robbins.)



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8 responses to “And then the rains came. . .

  1. I would agree, especially when you look at the shape of her head and ears.


  2. Ha ha! Ting also has the distinctive Siamese howl- she sounds like an air raid siren!


  3. My four are like bored little girls when they can’t go out, looking for something to destroy, picking fights with each other…!


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