Welcome to Tripoli NW

The temperature is 106° F in the garden, aka Effieland. The current 95° in the shade isn’t awfully relevant; the shade is provided by a spruce tree that really only shades the thermometer immediately beneath it.  It’s too hot for Effie to be out, and she somehow senses this from indoors, where we manage to maintain a temperate 77°. God bless those people who work for our power cooperative!

Effie manages to stay busy, even though she likely misses her favorite activities–munching on grass, catching and eating bugs, napping in the sun, and fixing her gaze on things we generally pass by without noticing. She does manage to keep up on clicking her teeth at birds, and on her napping, which, in and of itself, keeps her employed to full capacity. Then come the stages of waking. . . .






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4 responses to “Welcome to Tripoli NW

  1. She’s so sweet, luxuriating in the waking up process as much as the sleeping itself!


  2. Cats are such strange creatures. Jamima will get under the covers. Layers. And she just hibernates. As long as she stays hydrated and eats late at night when it’s cool she survives another day.


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