It’s 102° in Effieland. . .and Effie is not happy about it

P1010978Let’s wait till sunset, Effie. . .it feels like Tripoli out here!

P1010979But I wanna go out NOW!!!!

Hang in their, Effie, just seven hours to go. . .





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16 responses to “It’s 102° in Effieland. . .and Effie is not happy about it

  1. Harsh! I always like to chase Jamima around with a wet face washer. You know, like a real Mum! Using it on me first makes it an easier sell making sure I do her head and face last. And I utter the words; ” You will appreciate this more later!” What can you do?

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  2. That’s sweet, I always worry about the cats getting too hot as they like to be out in the garden with us when it’s nice. Apparently, if you have a white cat, you have to put sun block on their ears.


  3. Can’t imagine needing A/C..central heating is more the norm here! When it is sunny here, my partner leaves some long grass at the bottom of the garden, so the cats have somewhere shady and cool. It’s near the pond so the frogs hide there too.


    • Good plan, the grasses. We’re in steppe country and we let the beautiful grasses grow tall. But they don’t really provide shade, because they’re too big and stiff for a cat to lie under. She does manage to creep under some grapevine foliage and get some shade, but her water heats up no matter what. We turn the dripper hoses on in the evening, and she thinks those are just heavenly!

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  4. Poor Effie…first hot day here in ages and the cats are all just flopped out. Mind you, it’s far hotter there than it is here, hope it’s cooler in the evenings.


    • It always cools down, but sometimes not till sundown. Even with a cat’s body temperature being 103°, I’d worry about her out there with no shade. She’s sacked out on her window hammock now, and the A/C is keeping our house an extravagant 74° F.

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