Back to the pond


Friend Turtle was there again today, taking his time floating and swimming to his rock.

P1010967My husband persevered, but no one was biting–I guess too warm for trout to be hungry.

P1010969Black locust trees line the path. . .

P1010972and make intriguing shadows.


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17 responses to “Back to the pond

  1. Completely agree. It’s no good making laws and then just doing as you please…

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  2. I thought hunting them was illegal as they’re a protected species! That’s terrible-he’d definitely get cheap teabags.(no biscuits either)


  3. It’s nice to see them in their natural environment, I’ve seen them in petshops here and always feel sorry for them.


  4. Ha ha ha! Love it! I’ve seen nature programmes with alligator turtles, think that’s their name that have a truly fearsome bite that can sever fingers..your turtle looks quite happy and friendly though!


  5. Fascinated by turtle pics, I’ve only ever seen them in petshops!


    • They’re absolutely wonderful creatures. Ogden Nash wrote this humorous verse:

      “The turtle lives ‘twixt plated decks
      Which practically conceal its sex.
      I think it clever of the turtle
      In such a fix to be so fertile.”

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