Further fruits of fishing

I love turtles; l always have, and I have had a few fortunate opportunities to see one at Evans Pond. We visit or drive past the pond with fair frequency, as it’s a pleasant way home from town, and not far out of our way. We used to see one or two turtles on the shore opposite the road occasionally as we drove by, but we haven’t seen any in more than a year. This gives me to believe that turtles don’t often choose to make themselves visible, or that they have moved to the remote end of the pond, away from the road.

On the occasions of my early sightings, I had only my phone camera, which has no telephoto capability.

Today my husband planned to return to the pond for more trout so he could prepare some for canning. After loading his gear in the car, we went to Walmart for other essentials; then I dropped him off at the pond and came home to put away the groceries and complete my other chores before rejoining him at the pond.

When I arrived at the pond, he pointed out the turtle on the opposite shore.  “Aargh! I forgot my camera!” I lamented. I was positive the wonderful Pseudemys scripta elegans, aka Red-eared slider, would be out of sight by the time I went home for my camera and returned, even though we live less than 10 minutes away. We were at the far end of the trail, and my husband was the only person there until my arrival, but I was sure the turtle was already thinking it was becoming crowded. I practically racewalked along the trail back to the parking lot.

The dear creature waited for me. My husband caught five good-sized trout. What a beautiful day.





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8 responses to “Further fruits of fishing

  1. True, serendipity has a part to play – I generally get my son to take photos for me now, he has a much better eye than me, more patience and less sneezes…


  2. My son always has a camera on him, even his phone has a camera…I usually sneeze as my subject is in focus, or they get bored and disappear..


    • Who knows how many sneeze shots Steichen and Cartier-Bresson had–and they were using expensive film. Muffed digital shots at least don’t cost money. Still, I know it’s frustrating to lose a shot that you might never be able to recapture.

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  3. Great pictures! I’ve often been caught without anything to take a photo with- so pleased you were lucky!


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